iLab U.S. Code Base Update Friday, May 7th, 2021 21:00:00 EDT

Between Friday May 7th, 2021, 9 PM (EST) and Sunday May 9th, 9:00 PM (EST), Agilent R&D will be updating the code base hosting the iLab platform on the general US instance, to reduce vulnerabilities and increase security. 

This upgrade will affect users from the following node in the US server:

  • Primary US instance

During this period, expect iLab sites to be unavailable, including access to the Kiosk and Interlock components for equipment and processing of billing and fund files. All services will be restored once the servers are back online and updates on the progress posted on this page.

[Friday May 7th; 9 PM (EST)] - Upgrade process has begun and iLab services on US server instance are now offline.

[Friday May 7th; 9:11 PM (EST)] - Database backup and installation of new code base has begun.

[Friday May 7th; 9:30 PM (EST)] - Installation of code base complete.

[Friday May 7th; 11:43 PM (EST)] - Database backup complete. Deploy of new code base has begun.

[Friday May 7th; 11:54 PM (EST)] - Deploy is complete and data migrations have started.

[Saturday May 8th; 12:32 AM (EST)] - Data migrations complete.

[Saturday May 8th; 12:37 AM (EST)] - API deploy has begun.

[Saturday May 8th; 12:55 AM (EST)] - API deploy complete.

[Saturday May 8th; 1:14 AM (EST)] - Validation checks complete and web services restored.

[Saturday May 8th; 2:05 AM (EST)] - Testing complete and sites are operational.

Please contact iLab Support at with any questions or concerns.