iLab U.S. Sites Performance Issues Monday, March 22nd, 2021 13:45:00 EDT

[Monday March 22nd; 1:45 PM (U.S. EST)] - iLab U.S. sites may be experiencing slowness when accessing interface and performing specific tasks.

[Monday March 22nd; 1:57 PM (U.S. EST)] - Agilent Site Reliability Engineers have found the issue and are investigating.

[Monday March 22nd; 2:10 PM (U.S. EST)] - Job causing slowness on server should clear shortly and performance levels on site should return to normal.

[Monday March 22nd; 3:30 PM (U.S. EST)] - There are large jobs running that may cause periodic sluggishness on iLab sites. Agilent Site Reliability Engineers are monitoring this closely throughout the day, to ensure the iLab sites remain operational.

Please contact iLab Support at, with any questions or concerns.