iLab U.S. Server Performance Issues Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 18:05:00 EDT

[Tuesday June 9th, 6:04 PM (U.S. EST)] - iLab sites, except Stanford, on the U.S. server experiencing general slowness and may not available for users.

[Tuesday June 9th; 6:10 PM (U.S. EST)] - Agilent Site Reliability Engineers have begun investigation on server errors.

[Tuesday June 9th; 6:36 PM (U.S. EST)] - Issue has been identified on the Network Service Provider side and is being worked on as an >urgent matter.

[Tuesday June 9th; 7:36 PM (U.S. EST)] - Network Service Provider continuing to investigate issues on the server.

[Tuesday June 9th; 8:00 PM (U.S. EST)] - Site performance has improved, however, still some latency with performance. Network Service Provider continuing investigation.

[Tuesday June 9th; 8:37 PM (U.S. EST)] - Site performance levels returning to normal and are operational.

Please contact iLab Support at, with any questions.