Saturday, December 7th, 2019

iLab North America iLab North America Sites Not Accessible

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 11:52 AM (U.S. EST)] - Network service provider is performing urgent maintenance on North American server instance. Some iLab sites may not be reachable at this time. Agilent Site Reliability Engineers are monitoring and are working to ensure services are restored as soon as possible.

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 12:29 PM (U.S. EST)] - Process on network side has been completed. Server is not reachable, and is in process of being restored.

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 3:15 PM (U.S. EST)] - Agilent Site Reliability Engineers are continuing to work with Network Provider to establish connection to server.

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 4:50 PM (U.S. EST)] - Process to reinstate server and jobs is now extended and may be back up in the next 3 hours.

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 5:37 PM (U.S. EST)] - Due to disconnection from server, all iobs will need to be restored fully from backup. Due to size, process will carry into Sunday. We will update continuously.

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 7:40 PM (U.S. EST)] - Agilent Site Reliability Engineers have prepared script for re-indexing of data and process has begun. Tentative restoration is expected on Sunday. Updates will provided during this process.

[Saturday December 7th, 2019; 11:30 PM (U.S. EST)] - Networking issue should be resolved and indexing of data has begun.

Please contact iLab Support at, with any questions or concerns.