Sunday, August 25th, 2019

iLab Europe iLab European Server Update

[Sunday August 25th; 04:00 AM (London)] - Index error causing some data on the iLab EU sites to not show on the user side. This includes submitted service requests, billing invoices and reservation events.

[Sunday August 25th; 04:44 AM (London)] - Agilent Site Reliability Engineers have identified issue and are working to retrieve and restore data from the previous instance onto the new one, without any disruption. Process should be complete in 24 hours.

[Sunday Augusts 25th; 08:30 AM (London)] - Re-indexing of data is progressing faster than originally expected. Most data sets are over 10% restored.

[Sunday August 25th; 10:30 AM (London)] - Data sets are over 25% restored on all instances.

[Sunday August 25th; 02:00 PM (London)] - Most have instances have data nearly fully restored and all data sets are over 40% re-indexed.

[Sunday August 25th; 06:30 PM (London)] - All data sets have been restored except for Billing Invoices and Scheduling Reservations, which are both over 50% complete.

[Sunday August 25th; 09:10 PM (London)] - All data have been re-indexed and restored onto the EU sites.

Please contact iLab Support at or by clicking on Help from within the iLab application to submit a ticket.